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American Society for Testing & Materials
            - Founded 1898
            - Forum for the development and publication of voluntary consensus standards for materials, products, systems, and services
            - 130 varied industries
            - 30,000 Members / 100 countries

Industry Consensus
            - Committee Process
            - Balanced between manufacturers & users
            - Documents can be updated and changed as the industry requires
            - Recognized by FAA

Industry Representation
            - Composed of Manufacturers, Dealers, Instructors & Pilots
            - Most Committee work done via conference calls
            - Documents completed

ASTM Membership not required for documents
            - Order from ASTM website
            - Download PDF file
            - CD available/CD Free with Membership
            - www.astm.org

F37 Sub committees
            F37.10    Glider
            F37.20     Airplane
            F37.30     Power Parachute
            F37.40     Weight Shift
            F37.50     Gyroplane
            F37.60     Lighter than Air
            F37.70     Cross Cutting
                                    Airframe Emergency Parachutes                                        Powrachute Sky Rascal
                                    Fixed Base Operator
            F37.70.10 Hang Glider and Paraglider Tandem Operations Task Group
            F37.90     Executive

Example of Documents (PPC sub committee)
            F 2244 Design and Performance
            F 2240 Quality Control and Design Documentation
            F 2243 Required Product Information
            F 2242 Production Acceptance Testing
            F 2241 Continued Airworthiness