Student Pilot Guidance

We have not been able to get the policy to the field concerning the issues of a student pilot certificate for a sport pilot candidate as we had hoped by November 15th.  In order to stop confusion and standardize the process the following procedures will be used in order to accomplish this task. The FAA Aviation Safety Inspector or a Designated Plot Examiner will use the appropriate chapter in either FAA Order 8700.1 or FAA Order 8710.3 that deals with issuing a Student Pilot Certificate (FAA Form 8710-2).  The inspector or examiner will note on FAA Form 8710-1 the Other box in Section I "Sport Pilot".  The application is processed in accordance with thecurrent guidance.

A briefing should be conducted by the inspector or examiner to the student pilot applicant as to the limitations of a sport pilot student as defined in 14 CFR 61.89(c).  Additional inspectors and examiners should discuss the limitations with flight instructors that are providing training to sport pilot students.

It is now anticipated that the guidance for the utilization of the new Sport Pilot Airman Application (FAA-Form 8710-11) and the appropriate endorsements will be available to the public by January.

Martin Weaver
Manager, AFS-610